Seropipe Hair Dropper 10 ml vials
Seropipe Hair Dropper 10 ml vials


Seropipe Hair Dropper 10 ml vials

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28 reviews
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Suitable for Thin and falling Hair

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Seropipe hair dropper Prevents hair loss, Improves the blood circulation of the scalp, helps new growth hair by supplying strong vitality and Increases hair density &thickness for Thin and falling Hair , It is also effective after hair transplantation and clinical procedures to maintain the results to Accelerate Hair growth and increase Hair Length

Remove the cap and place the dropper applicator to the vial, Apply 2 ml (25 drops) per day of Seropipe hair dropper to be Distributed onto the scalp section by section, massaging with fingertips. Leave-in & Do not rinse, Follow the chart on the vail for daily dose amount.
The power of Mix (Japanese formula and caffeine )
Carton box / ampoules

Package : Carton Box contains 7 Vials , each is 10 ml.