Starville Acne-Prone Skin Hydrate 200ML


Starville Acne-Prone Skin Hydrate 200ML

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CS 15440

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    • StarVille Acne-Prone Skin Hydrate Gel deeply hydrates rough, dry & cracked skin, and prevents future acne breakouts.
    • Enriched with ceramides, it provides the skin with the maximum hydration that helps in restoring the skin’s barrier and regaining its elasticity and firmness.
    • Enriches your skin with the essential vitamins needed for a healthy and glowing natural look.
    • Leaves your skin hydrated, smooth, and soft.

Regulates Sebum Production and has Anti-bacterial action: fights the cause of inflammation.

Exfoliating & Eliminate comedones and prevents acne breakout by salycilic acid.

Anti-inflammatory action: reduces the risk of scarring.


Tea Tree Oil , Allantoin , Salicylic Acid , Glycerin , Panthenol , Vitamin E , Ceramide 3 and Niacinamide.